Be Your Own HeroSome of you may remember 4 years ago when from seemingly out of nowhere I started this blog announcing that I was selling my soul to comedy and promptly gathered all of my things and moved back to Hollywood. I made bold, outrageous claims and goals and went after them with the full force of a bear, completely ignoring the odds against a 40 something woman suddenly making it in comedy. I was gonna make it anyway, I had to, because that is what I loved and its important to do what you love.

But half way through this process I got scared. I stopped telling the truth, I got the confidence knocked out of me, faced all of my own weaknesses, damn near went broke and often wondered if I might just be deluding myself. I wanted to quit more times then I can remember. But then something important happened, I found a creative partner in crime and a project that would change everything (thank you very much Mhairi Morrison/Feathers and Toast).

Don’t get me wrong, the change didn’t happen over night, it creeped up on me slowly like lasting change has a tendency to do, and now I find myself in a very different place. Ready to make bold goals again and go after them but from the grounded state of someone who has been through the fire and survived the burns, someone who has put in the time to become deeply skilled at their craft.

So I’m starting a blog again but this time its in the spirit of giving back. In these past couple years I have learned an enormous amount about comedy, creative partnerships, writing, editing, producing web shows, navigating this industry and most importantly about the importance of not giving up and I want to share that with all my artist friends (and those who love artists) in case my experiences can help others along the journey. I know how challenging this path can be but also how rewarding so my hope is to encourage my fellow artists to never give up to use the tools available today to green light themselves.

If you want to follow my blog then simply go to Feathers and Toast and subscribe. (We promise there will be no spam, just 3 blog posts from me and one Video blog from my creative partner, Mhairi each week.)

The journey begins next week. I look forward to the chatting back and forth with all of you who choose to join us along the way.

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