Free WillThe challenging part about freedom is that it requires all of us to be mature enough in our thinking and strong enough in our own individual faiths to allow others their freedoms too no matter what we think about their path. Freedom is an all or nothing deal, and it needs to be fought for together. Once we start arguing with each other about who deserves it and why, we have already started to lose the battle. We all deserve freedom. We all deserve the dignity and space to figure out who we are, why we are here and how we want to live our lives without others trying to impose laws to prevent this (other than the obvious ones of not physically harming or stealing from each other). We deserve the opportunity to make our own mistakes, learn from our own weaknesses and celebrate our own victories in the best way we know how. I know most everyone can agree that this is what they deserve, but the question is, how many of you are actively trying to give that freedom to others? How many of you are putting your egos aside and taking the time to try to figure out where that line is between your freedom and someone else’s with a sincere desire to preserve as much freedom as possible for all of us? Do you care about other people’s freedoms as you would your own knowing that they are intrinsically linked? On the news I see very few examples of this, and mostly a lot of people screaming about what they want, like teenagers who just want to be right. I am hoping there is more of you out there that care enough about this country and freedom to do the truly challenging work of figuring out where those lines are. I am hoping that there are more of you out there that care about all Americans, not just the ones you agree with. We are the most complicated society on the planet so it really will take all brains and hearts on deck to keep it great.

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