Joy residesProbably the greatest gift I have ever been given is my ability to love people unconditionally. If I was a superhero, my super power would be this ability to see straight past people’s personalities, quirks and defense mechanisms to the beautiful, unique souls that they are, making me able to love literally everybody, and there has been nothing more fulfilling and enjoyable to me in this lifetime than to spend time with anyone who will let me, helping them see these things for themselves. This is my happy place.

I’m pretty sure this is why I became a storyteller. I wanted people to see themselves as I see them.

But like all great ironies of life, eventually the business of trying to turn storytelling into a reliable career made me so incredibly challenged, busy and, at times, flat out exhausted, that I no longer had time for doing the one thing I truly love, honoring and helping people, and over time this made me deeply sad.

But as I sit here now I am happy to report that my 2 paths have converged. It finally clicked into place. I had that good ole Aha moment Oprah always talks about and its so simple its almost laughable. I love helping people and I love storytelling, so why not help people tell their stories? Duh.

And so the rest of my life begins and I am feeling truly blessed. Already have my first assignment. I will spend this year helping a lovely lady that I truly admire tell the next chapter in her already great story and I will enjoy every minute of it.

Stay tuned. Its gonna get joyous over here.

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