Peaceful PeopleI have to be honest. I don’t believe in protesting in the streets anymore. Its not because I am okay with the way things are, or because I am too lazy to make a change, it’s simply because our world and the way we report the news has changed so drastically that I don’t think street protests have the same power to deliver their message and make a true difference as they once did in the 60’s and therefore I have no desire to put myself in harm’s way to engage in them.

We have become a society so divided and so de-sensitized to heated battle and engagement that not only are we not shocked by it the way we were in the past, it has become our status quo, our new normal, even our entertainment. I would venture to say that if a situation doesn’t have some level of violence attached to it, that we barely think its worth watching, its deemed not newsworthy and since there are always a few among us on all sides who are willing to “go there” they become the new stars of this sick twisted story we are giving our 24 hour viewership to.

We all sit back, watch on, shake our heads and use the “evidence,” that the bad behavior of these false celebrities offer us, as our excuse to continue believing exactly what we have always believed, because its “the truth”, we saw it on TV, read it on Facebook. Nothing changes, we just keep getting more and more engaged and upset by the atrocities we witness from “the other side” all the while increasing the power of these false celebrities by continuously talking about them, writing about them, and offering them a level of free publicity so staggering that anyone who has ever wanted to do or sell anything of importance would be extremely envious of them. Why? Because they offered something of value to our world? Nope. Most of the time it’s simply because they did something now deemed “newsworthy.”

Well the worst and most shocking among us won’t be getting free publicity from me anymore, I won’t even allow them a temporary stay in my brain, and I sure as heck won’t be protesting them because that would be like giving them the winning tickets to the publicity lottery. Instead I will be engaging in actively promoting the extraordinary people, the everyday heroes, the ones who go above and beyond, the ones who make this life worth living, the people who are actively co-creating technologies, therapies, products and communities that make this world a better place.

I will do this because I believe what potentially could work, what potentially could make a difference, is if the best amongst us unite and lead the way as an example we can all pile onto.

I will have to search the world over to find these people and won’t have the luxury of falling back on stereotypes, because these types of people come in all forms, and all walks of life, in fact, no race, country or religion is without them, but that’s okay, I’ve got the internet. I will find them and I will promote them because I now truly stand by the idea that if you want peace, you should publicize peaceful people. Period.

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