Ana (Para Espanol clic aqui) For all those who have joined us in supporting Ana there is good news to share.

First of all, on behalf of Ana and the entire family, we want to send a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible generosity and kindness you have shown. As you can imagine this week has been tremendously stressful and filled with so many emotions and concerns, but we never could have imagined how much you would step up and help us like this. The kindness, even from strangers, has been overwhelming. We have watched in awe as the donations have gone up and up (already over $16,000 in just two days) and now thanks to you, we are no longer worried about whether or not we can afford to send Ana to Hippocrates, we feel confident we will reach our goal, and therefore have shifted our entire focus to where it belongs, helping Ana have the most successful healing experience possible. You literally took one of our burdens away at a time when we needed it most and that is a gift that goes beyond a simple thanks. It is the inspiration that keeps us going.

The next bit of good news is that Ana has officially been accepted into the Hippocrates program and she will begin her journey there on Sunday August 17th.

For those that don’t know, the goal of Hippocrates is to remove all the toxins and get the body to a perfectly Alkaline state thereby creating the optimum environment for the body to heal itself. They accomplish this by offering a very strict diet of nutrient rich, organic foods (mostly vegetables, often in juice form) while simultaneously assisting in the rapid elimination of all toxins via colonics and various other natural methods. Our understanding is that their goal is not purely physical, that they also assist their patients in healing on a mental/emotional/spiritual level as well but we still have much more to learn in that area so we will share as we go.

So the next step is to get her prepared to go to Hippocrates, and that process began yesterday. We are happy to report that we have left the hospital and Ana is now home, resting comfortably in her own bed, she is officially off all medications and is amazingly free of pain and it appears her body is already reacting with enthusiasm to all the nutrient rich food we are giving her. (We say it is amazing because while she was in the hospital she was having pain and her body was rejecting the food they were giving her, so even though we had high hopes for this alternative method, this is admittedly a little bit faster of a positive change than we could have expected)

Obviously this is still a very precarious time as we shift from the chemical treatments to a more natural treatment, but we have an amazing team supporting us (including a nutritionist who used to work at Hippocrates who is teaching Adriano in particular, how to make the juices and foods until we can get there Sunday) and our spirits are high.

Please continue to pray and send us love and for those with the desire to donate, any amount is appreciated CLICK HERE

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