Ana with her boys (Lucas & Adriano)

Ana with her boys (Lucas & Adriano)

Para espanola clic aqui For the last five days I have been privileged to be of service to my husband’s brother and his wife and kids as they go through the hardest thing a family can go through, the possibility that my sister-in-law, Ana, could lose her battle with Leukemia.

For the last 8 months Ana has endured 5 rounds of intense Chemotherapy and about 2 months ago a bone marrow transplant, but we all learned the heartbreaking news last week that the transplant didn’t work as hoped and the doctors have told her there is nothing further they can do.

Naturally we were all devastated by this news and I came down to Miami to help with this difficult process as, sadly, I am way too experienced with it and felt I could facilitate the difficult conversations that must be had and the feelings that must be allowed to flow and be processed, but somewhere inside of all the truth, tears and tenderness of the family rallying around her, hope began to emerge.

Her son Adriano has been deeply inspired by the healing philosophies of a place called Hippocrates (and I as well) and as it became increasingly clear that Ana had no interest in giving up this fight no matter what the doctors said, we encouraged Adriano to share with his mom the possibilities of healing herself the Hippocrates way and, after much talking and processing about the realities of what she will go through, the risk she will take and the life changes she will have to make, we are happy to say she is fully on board. She wants to go for the miracle.

As insurance does not cover Hippocrates and their family is already financially stretched from almost a year of medical expenses and missed work etc, her friends were sweet enough to create this fundraising page to help cover the expenses. Any amount of support is appreciated whether it be prayers, passing this along to others or, of course, good old fashioned cash (in any amount). To donate click HERE

Either way I hope you will be inspired to follow us on this alternative healing journey as there may be a blessing in it for yourself as well. I have long believed that we have the power to heal ourselves through proper nutrition while simultaneously committing to do whatever it takes to find peace mentally and spiritually and as a family we are about to seriously put that theory to the test.

Much love

P.S. This was the sky yesterday as Adriano and I left the hospital to get some food. I like to think its a good sign.
The sky

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  1. Praying for Ana!!! God is the ultimate physician. I read somewhere that every “in curable” disease has had someone cured from. Yay for Ana not listening to the doc prognosis and saying yes to life!!!!!

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