Changing myselfI could really use your help answering this question. I am currently towards the end of an intense writing program that will alter the course of my writing career very rapidly and the final thing I need to do is come up with an origin story (meaning a quick story I can tell about myself that gives insight into what kind of writer I am and why, without having to say “I’m a good writer”) In other words, I need to get really good at answering the question “who are you?” and my answer will likely determine whether people want to work with me or not but, you know, no pressure.

This assignment has proven to be the most challenging for me. I can come up with new ideas everyday, complete scripts etc but defining who I am in a compelling 90 second story… this is my nemesis, so I am asking for help.

I have no idea from the outside perspective which aspects of me are the most interesting to others and which parts compel them to think that I might be an interesting writer (because frankly, I’m stuck with me everyday and therefore lack perspective), so I’m hoping you might take a minute to share with me what you find most compelling or unusual about me that might make you curious about what I would write. Whether you’ve known me my whole life, or for 5 minutes, all observations are valid and important because you know something I don’t, and that’s how I come across to others.

I sincerely thank you in advance for helping me out with this one. Its an area I can no longer avoid if I want to take my career to the next level and I really really want to take it to the next level.

(P.S. If anyone else wants to take on this assignment for themselves and their careers I will be happy to offer the same type of feedback in return. Just let me know)

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  1. Great way to handle this! It is so hard to see ourselves as others do. I’ll try to put some things to you, but like you, I am pretty close to the situation… Love, Mom

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