Diego & I 2It is so hard to believe that its been 20 years today since we stumbled, giggling into that courthouse and said I do in front of the Miami Beach court and our witnesses (your brother, Amy, Manu – the German guy who never traveled anywhere without his Heinz ketchup, and his roommate who always wore kimonos and described himself as a raging heterosexual)

And even harder to believe that it had only been six amazing weeks earlier that we had first laid eyes on each other in that Miami Subs (or more accurately you first laid eyes on my dress) but either way we can’t deny the romance of a lifetime had begun right then and there.

I have no idea what we were thinking, how we could possibly have known that it was going to work out like this. I guess we couldn’t have, we just went for it, jumped right off that cliff and never looked back. But now that we’re older and wiser I think we both know that we got about as lucky as two people can get. It has to be proof of fate. There’s just no other explanation.

I know people are often shocked that we have been married so long, because we still like and love each other so much, but I think its because in all these years we’ve consistently been able to give each other the greatest gift anyone can give another person, we just know how to let each other be free.

For the past 20 years you have humored every big dream (and I have had some biggies), cheered me when I succeeded, kissed me when I failed, let me try things that were scary for you but that you knew would be good for me, listened to all my passionate ramblings, endured my attempts to save everyone, fully embraced my wacky family as your own, breathed with me through childbirth, told me I was doing an amazing job as a mom even when I was sure that I wasn’t, told me I was beautiful even on the days I knew I wasn’t, got me out of the house every time you saw me hermitting away, forced me to laugh when I wanted to cry and have yet to stop trying to pick me up with your cheesy pick up lines. (Please don’t, ever)

You’ve been the camera man to my writer/producer, the head chef to my dishwasher, a fellow comrade on this crazy artist journey and the best, most silliest daddy to our daughter one could ever be. Your commitment to me has never wavered. I have always been able to count on you to be honest to a fault. And you’ve never once left me to feel for a single day that I didn’t matter. I have all the freedom in the world, but there’s never any need to go anywhere because I’ve got it all right here.

Thanks to you I have become a living example of what happens to someone when they are consistently loved and made to feel safe every day for 20 years. I truly wish everybody had a Diego, but since I can’t make that happen, all I can do is make sure to feel the gratitude and give it all right back to you and those around us. I hope that I have given you as much love as you’ve given me and that I’ve made your life all the sweeter for being in it.

Today I re-commit to a promise we have made to each other; that each gets to live the life of their dreams.

And to quote you back to you I will say “you know how much I love you? Well you know how many hairs there are on every human head? Well multiply that by every grain of sand on all the beaches at the power of every star in the sky. That’s how much I love you”

Here’s to our never ending journey. We are so going to rock this next 20 years.

When we first met

When we first met

Our Van that we drove up to NY

Our Van that we drove up to NY

Our first apartment

Our first apartment

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  1. Beautiful and well said. So glad to see you both so happy. It makes my heart smile 🙂

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