Hot under the FeathersSo excited to report that my creative partner Mhairi and I currently have a show called Feathers and Toast that is getting some heat in Hollywood from some major production companies and a network and in order to help push it off the cliff we could really use some support in the form of SUBSCRIBERS.

See this show is a little different than what you typically see. We know many artists are finding success by being dark and edgy these days (think Breaking Bad, House of Cards – which are truly brilliant shows) but Mhairi and I have a style of our own and are determined to find success through being audaciously optimistic and rebelliously light (think Monty Python or Christopher Guest) which is why we are on a mission right now to get as many subscribers as we can as fast as we can to prove to the networks that there is a place for shows like ours too.

As a sincere thank you Mhairi and I intend to keep you entertained, by sending you weekly bite sized amusement (in the form of Memes and short videos to start) and eventually by sharing the full episodes of Feathers and Toast and beyond. We will consider it our mission to keep you smiling as its our favorite thing to do. All you have to do is go to this lovely website and subscribe.

We’ll be sitting and watching for those numbers to go up. 🙂 And we thank you in advance for your love and support on this. It shall not be forgotten.

If you’d like a sneak peek – here’s an example of the bite sized fun you can expect – it features our star, Tallulah Grace, who is currently on her way to developing a Messiah complex – enjoy!

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