I had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Sherman Helmsley (aka Mr. Jefferson) many years ago and he told me that he thought we had gone backwards in terms of race relations. That everyone is so worried about saying the wrong thing that we don’t talk anymore. He said he didn’t think we could do today what they were doing with All in The Family and The Jeffersons back then and I have to say that I kinda agree with him.

We can’t just stop talking. How on earth are we supposed to expose our false notions and learn from them if we don’t know what they are? If we can’t laugh at them, or hug em out? I gotta give out huge respect for all involved in creating All In the Family and The Jeffersons. I can see now what a courageous act it was to expose our humanness in that way. I am reminded yet again why I chose to devote my life to comedy. Humor and social satire can be such an incredibly powerful tool for healing if we let it.

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