I have long thought that we give way too much power to radicals by publicizing and watching their every move as if they are celebrities and then assuming they speak for a way bigger portion of the population they supposedly represent than they actually do.

Assuming that Al Qaida and the like speak for the majority of Muslims is like assuming that the Westboro church speaks for the majority of Baptists.

I suspect that if we quit watching so much of the news, which in my opinion has become a new form of The Enquirer, if it bleeds it leads, and we really spoke with each other as mature individuals who don’t need to agree with each other on every point in order to coexist, that we would find out that there is way more kindness and peace in the hearts of all people of every flavor than the news would cause us to believe and not nearly as much need for all the fear that appears to be rampant in our society right now.

Some may watch this interview I have posted and brush this guy off as the exception to the rule, but I truly believe its the other way around. I believe there are way more of us than there are of them and therefore we have the power and we should act like. True power has no need for fear.

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