doctor testsWhile the whole country debates on whether we should be forced to pay for health care or not, yet again I find myself wanting to have a completely different conversation.

For me there is no question, of course I should have to pay for health care. I need it and I don’t expect someone else to pay for it so I have to pay, conversation over. The thing I really want to talk about is this: where is the health care in my health care?

I have paid top dollar every month for most of my adult life for health care and have gotten little to no return on my investment. It seems I am one of those system busters. I am a person trying to achieve optimal health, trying to maintain a place where I feel amazing, trying to eat right and manage my stress in such a way that I don’t actually contract diseases in the first place and for that what I get is nothing: no support, no guidance, no coverage. I’m just swimming around in the dark, spending even more of my own money to educate myself and pay for the things I need so I can accomplish this on my own.

Time after time I have gone to the doctors with my concerns. I have challenges like anyone else, the colon is not working like it should, the liver is not in the best of shape due to lifestyles when I was younger and it affects how I feel and is progressively getting worse, but time after time I get the same rapid and rushed responses. They check my levels. They’re not so bad. And then they give me this brilliant wisdom: Why don’t you eat more fiber? Try to reduce your stress. And of course, what they don’t say, but might as well say is: come back when you have a real problem.

I guess some people might be thrilled with this diagnosis but for me, it really pisses me off. I don’t want to come back when I have a real problem, I want to do my best to prevent problems in the first place and in that game I haven’t found this so called health care system to be my partner at all. I suspect its because we don’t actually have a health care system. We have a disease care system.

If we had a health care system then maybe I might actually have a partner that could educate me on the best way to eat for my type, someone who would help me investigate my food sensitivities, someone who cared whether I am exercising enough, someone who knew whether my whole system was operating optimally. I might have an insurance company that payed for my nutritional supplements, for my massages, for my acupuncture if needed knowing those are all very low cost items compared to meds and surgeries etc and would save them money in the long run anyway.

Instead what I have is a situation where I pay top dollar every month for a service that is useless to me (that I pay out of fear of some unforeseen car crash) while I spend a good chunk of additional money and time on top of that to educate and provide for myself the health care I actually need. Is this really the greatest system in the world? I think not.

3 thoughts on “Where is The Health Care in My Health Care?

  1. Well said. I think you pretty much nailed it. I’m paying a ton on both fronts too!!!!

  2. You said it!!! This should be on a billboard! When i go to doctor, i pay co-pay, doctors office visit, n close to $700/month in effn health insurance. And when im asked if iv been sleeping n i hesitate bam… Heres ambein samples, n asked if im having stress, bam…xanax, i leave with a bag of samples. Its crazy i want to be educated on how to deal with life w/o pills!!!! Arghhh, thanks for ur blog!!!!

  3. Agreed! I do feel we need to get the insurance and pharmaceutical companies out of “health care.” What do they do anyway other than jack up / inflate the price?? Imagine we just all went to the doctor/ hospital minus insurance … But if they are sticking around, which we know they will since there’s too much money at stake, what if we incentivize folks to stay heathy?

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