scary breadAccording to my Wheat Belly book, wheat is just as addictive, and I believe it because the moment I decided that wheat might be the culprit in some of my health concerns and that it was time to remove it from my life, I started feeling like it might be better for everybody if I was locked in a room for a couple days so I could work it on out.

What is it about bread and pasta that has such a hold on us? I literally went through stages like I had just had a death in the family. At first there was the intense mourning period, thinking of all the joy we shared and all the meals we’ll never have together. Then I was just pissed! Angry about everything. The slightest thing would set me off like “why do you always have to shop at Costco? How on earth are we going to eat 5 pounds of salad before it goes bad? I don’t care if it was a good deal!” Then there was the starving phase. And not starving because I don’t have any food, no, this is starving by choice because I have a house full of healthy non wheat food that I just bought and I dont want to eat any of it. I hate all of it! It’s all stupid! Who would eat that crap?

And then one day I woke up and realized I was feeling pretty good, the smell of pizza didn’t taunt me anymore, I didn’t want to stab the people at the table for eating a sandwich in front of me, and I actually experienced a craving for some of those things I can eat. A whole new world of meals was forced open to me and I kinda liked it.

I guess I can now say: “Hi. My name’s Holly and I’m a recovering wheat-a-holic. I’ve got 18 days clean.”

2 thoughts on “What Do Wheat and Heroin Have in Common?

  1. I love it, Holly! The day I was watching Dr. Oz and heard that wheat is as addictive as sugar, I wept: “you mean to tell me my decision to swap out white sugar/flour/pasta in exchange for whole wheat was completely useless??!!!” All in the name of eating healthy, I was making matters worse! Who knew?? (except that stupid know-it-all on Dr. Oz). I’ve just recently taken the steps to remove it from my diet. I’m also doing a juice cleanse in a few days. We’ll take this journey together, girl! 😉

  2. Im inspired altho i culd nevr change my diet, i eat everythng but in moderation so careful i dnt gain weight, kudos 2u Holly.

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