BTS picsThere is much talk in certain inspired Hollywood circles about how there has never been a time more exciting than now for storytellers and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks to the internet and all the new social media and distribution platforms available to any with the willingness to use them, your imagination really is the only limit.

In the past storyteller’s like me created a story and then people watched, read or listened to it, and that was kinda that. Maybe we would get some fanmail and if the story was beloved enough then maybe we would create a sequel for it but that’s really where the interaction with the audience ended, but now….oh beautiful now…storytellers can interact and engage with their audience even while in the middle of telling their story, they can allow their audiences to influence their storytelling.

With this in mind I am so excited to announce the beginning of my show GG’s Java Joint, a fully improvised show from start to finish (meaning there is no script what-so-ever, and the actors you will see have no idea what they are going to say before they say it) This show has been a dream of mine for many many years and might just be the coolest show I have ever created because I literally have no idea what is going to happen with it. I have created a canvas and pulled out all my paints so to speak, but what ends up on that canvas? That will be determined by the ongoing dance between the brilliant Improvisers that will grace the show and the audience that will continuously offer us suggestions.

Even the promotion of this show will be Improvised as our main character Gerry, the one who puts one of the G’s in G, (played by yours truly) will maintain an active blog in real time giving the viewers a play by play of what’s happening at the Java Joint from her perspective.

I hope you will consider being amongst the first to subscribe and follow this show on its journey. I guarantee you, the folks that are going to be frequenting GG’s are going to provide you with some serious belly laughs because when I say I am blessed to know some seriously funny people, I mean it. I know some really funny people!

The journey begins Tuesday Jan 15th so please don’t miss it!

***For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, you know that I came out here to California to pursue my dream…well this is it. I ended up giving it to myself. If all I do is this show for the rest of my life, a show that is one heck of an excuse to hang out with the greatest comedians in the world, then I am happy…although I have a feeling I’m gonna do more.

2 thoughts on “And So it Begins…The Legend of GG’s

  1. Can’t wait to be served a BIG cup of laughter!! 😉

    LOVE & A BIG HUG!!

  2. Jumping up & down with excitement as I read this….WOOP WOOP! Stretching the abs & ready for the Belly Laughs!!! Sending HUGS & SMILES!

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