Walt cornyA long time ago I wrote a list describing the perfect husband for me and then put it away and focused on becoming the girl that would be the perfect wife for the man I created, and guess what? I got everything I asked for and then some and have been happily married ever since (18 years and counting.)

For those reasons it occurred to me, why not do the same thing for the perfect producing partner? It is way past over due for me to find one. I have endless amounts of material to produce and not having a partner is needlessly slowing me down and forcing me to wear too many hats but I have been skiddish about letting someone in. I have learned the hard way that creative partnerships are every bit as important and challenging as marriages are, they require a huge level of trust, mutual respect, compromise and like-minded ideals or they can get real painful, real quick.

Since I have worked diligently for the last 20 years to create the person I am today (a conscious and kind lady, with a strong work ethic, great working relationships, loads of original material and years of hands on experience in every aspect of the biz) I am looking for nothing less than the same from a partner. So without further ado here is my list of the perfect producing partner for me:

1) I am looking for that perfect mix of ambition tempered with integrity, someone who can push hard to make the goals of the team happen without compromising ideals. Someone who agrees that the ends does not justify the means, that the process is as every bit as important as the product. Someone that sees that how we handle the process directly affects the quality of our day to day life and has a proven track record of creating a day to day life that is joyful for themselves and those around them.

2) I am looking for a mature, preferably older soul like myself who has a high commitment to health on all levels (body, mind and spirit.) I don’t expect perfection, as I am not perfect either, but I am interested in someone who possesses the daily discipline to hit the mark more often than not. Personal conflicts, drama and illness should be a rarity and taken very seriously as they come up.

3) I am looking for someone focused, whose sole aspiration in life is to be a great Producer. Someone who feels called to Produce positive content. Someone with a natural pre-disposition for taking personal responsibility who wants to be the momma/poppa of a extraordinary creative team that we will create together. Someone I can trust to be a kind leader to the talent I bring into the fold. Someone adept at creating a positive and supportive environment for artists to do their greatest work, while at the same time being ever mindful of all the important business aspects of producing (Pitch meetings, Business plans, Budgets & financing, ROI, marketing, legal, accounting, nuts and bolts production etc) and wants to see to every detail with efficiency.

4) I need someone who is in the know on the ins and outs of Digital Hollywood (if you don’t know what that is then you probably aren’t and that’s okay but not what I need). My plan is to start with web projects and then eventually move into features and therefore I need someone who knows what it takes to make projects financially successful in the new mediaverse. That is where our journey together will begin.

5) I need someone who is financially sound enough to take this start up risk with me without getting themselves out of balance and stressed out and who can work with me to create a fair deal amongst each other based on what each is bringing to the table.

6) I need someone with an outrageously awesome sense of humor who loves comedy in all its forms. I am very serious about my comedy. 🙂

7) And finally, I need someone who is quite content to spend their life supporting my vision. Someone who can be the Roy to my Walt. I created my company, Turtle In a Party Dress, in order to produce and direct my life’s work in the style I have always envisioned it (which btw is enough solid original content to keep us working for the next 30 years – no joke) and therefore it really won’t work for me to partner with a fellow writer/creator type with their own ideas (even though I love them), at least not in this capacity. I need a business partner who will be fully happy with expressing their personal creativity inside of what it takes to produce my work.

If this is you I would love to hear from you and my promise to you is this: everything I have asked of you I will be in return. (email Holly at happy@turtleinapartydress.com)

I look forward to meeting you, however long it takes. (If you are reading this and think you know someone that might be right for me, don’t even ask, just forward. Thanks 🙂 )

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