Chris PeckI found this old footage and at the risk of my own embarrassment I had to share because it brings back such amazing memories of my dear childhood friend Chris Peck.

Chris and I were always a bit on the creative side to say the least so every time my other dear friend Laurie Gredlein had an creative assignment for college (whether writing or video) guess where she came? She was no fool.

I can remember this little project as if it was yesterday. We came up with this ridiculous fictitious news report brought to you by Sheldon Weedster (Chris’s creation) and proceeded to rope in Chris’s Dad and his friend Walter (who probably has no recollection of even doing this) to play some of the other characters. We even dragged the guard from our neighborhood into it.

I so miss you my friend. You were truly one of a kind.


4 thoughts on “Thanks for the Memories

  1. OMG! I LOVE this video!!! Laurie certainly went to the right folks for creativity! Thank you for sharing and making my day! HUGS & SMILES! : )

  2. Too funny. I remember when Laurie had to do all those film projects. Great job. Long time ago too! Hugs, Mom

  3. Ha, nice! Great times. What an awesome gang. Oh Holly, I remember this more than you think…. along with my wardrobe from your illustrious grunge collection.

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