Alright so I disappeared for the Holiday week but I am now back with bells on and so excited about what I hope will become a historic first ever shoot for one of my favorite creations, GG’s Java Joint, a show I am hoping will live and grow on into forever on the internet.

GG’s was born out of my love and admiration for Improv and my simultaneous frustration over seeing so many amazing performances just disappear into the ethers with only about 20 people as witness who will ever remember it. I thought to myself “what would be the best vehicle for bringing Improv to the masses? Something that ensures these performances don’t get lost” and the answer for me was GG’s.

GG’s Java Joint is a fictitious Coffee Shop/Bar with an identity crisis (thanks to owners who can’t agree) and provides the perfect oasis for literally every kind of Improv character to inhabit. Think of it as your own virtual comedy club in cyberspace where you can come and see the best Improv comedians currently on the circuit performing bite sized entertainment just for you. As long as the Improv folks keep coming, I intend to keep on filming as I can think of no better way to spend my life.

The fictitious fun begins this week when Gerry (played by John Connon) discovers that not only does he have a sister he didn’t know about who is also named Gerry (played by me) but that he is going to have to share his inheritance, his beloved Coffee Shop, with her too. The shoot this weekend will be Gerry & Gerry interviewing potential “employees” and auditioning potential “stage acts” for their newly inherited digs.

If you subscribe to our You Tube channel or like our FB page you’ll get to follow all the completely Improv’d action as it unfolds. For a teaser here is the first vlog ever from Gerry & Gerry, only hours after the big news.

4 thoughts on “GG’s Java Joint is Opening For Business

  1. You’ve got my attention…I’m VERY excited and CAN’T WAIT for the webisodes to begin!! Break a leg!

    Sending LOADS of LOVE & BIG HUGS!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE the name choices! : ) ENJOY the ride and the Show will Flow! Looking forward to LMAO! : ) Sending Vibes of LOVE, HUGS & SMILES!

  3. You and John were hilarious. Looking forward to seeing the future episodes. Love, Mom

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