First Official Production Day with the Roadside Cowboys

What an amazing year this has been! As many of you know I have gone round and round and back again ever since I got back to LA trying to figure out how to launch this career of mine and I finally came around to the conclusion “what on earth am I waiting for? I can just do this thing myself.” I’ve got all the know how, equipment and original content I could ever need and now with the web making it possible for me to just put my content out there how ever I see fit…this has become a no brainer.

In the vein of not wasting any time, I am already in Production on a really fun slate of original short form shows perfect for sharing on the web which include but aren’t limited to Roadside Cowboys (a show following the lives of 3 Modern Day cowboys attempting to lasso in their big dreams), Surf Shack TV (a playful adventure to some of the most beautiful places on earth to go deep inside the hearts and souls of the international surf community) and GG’s Java Joint (a place to pay proper homage to the sheer brilliance of the under appreciated comedy Improv community).

The only thing that is missing is money, but that will come. These shows are my babies. I love them. It’s a pleasure to work on them (see picture above) and I am now certain that putting my efforts in their direction will be a wonderful way to introduce myself to the entertainment universe.

There will be many more updates to come but I’m going to attempt to make a bit of a split here. I will continue to share my personal journey here on this blog but my plan is to shift the updates for all my latest entertainment and show offerings to the Turtle in a Party Dress site so if you want to help launch my career by watching my shows please subscribe here.

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