So I was going to update everybody on all the truly amazing things that have been happening this week but then I remembered what the date was today and realized I’d much rather write about one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever had the privilege to know because today is her birthday.

I won’t tell you her name because she is very private but I will tell you this: that she has been one of my very best buddies almost my entire life and that she is funny, brilliant, worldly, wise, elegant, devious, rebellious, playful. That her family will tell you that she is one seriously dangerous practical joker, and that she has one of the most tender hearts of probably anyone you could ever meet. Such a sweet soul.

She constantly surprises me with who she has grown to be. Every year she grows more interesting. I don’t know if any of you have been blessed to have such long term friends in your life, one’s you can grow with, change with, laugh with, reminisce with, share your families with, make life’s trauma’s more bearable with, grow into the people you will become with, be your complete and total self with, but if you don’t I highly recommend getting one. Start now. Build a friendship that spans the test of time. I promise you it will be your most precious present you give yourself.

And to you my dear Doodlehead, I say this: I love you! Happy Birthday! If I was there I would give you a squeeze and a smack on the lips. I am certain I can speak for a great many of us, particularly our beloved best buddy in common, when I say that this world is so much better for having you in it!

In honor of your birthday I am posting one of your favorite videos. To see you cackle at this thing and see how much you enjoy the great lengths this kid went to to express his love for chicken is a sight to behold. Everybody please watch and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!

  1. I feel ya and how lucky are we?? I too am also very fortunate to have a SSS (Super Soul Sister) in my life and feel grateful EVERY DAY!


    PS: Love the Doodlehead and HB DPB!! 😉

  2. I put a candle in a piece of birthday cake this morning and that was my breakfast. I blew out my candle and felt a little lonely, truth be told. Then I checked my texts and emails from so many of sweet friends and family and I kicked myself for my solo pity party. And then…I read this post. Holly, you always feel it when I’m blue even though we are far apart. I want you to know that you have been a great friend to me. More than a friend, a sister. I’m lucky to have you. I love you more than words can say. Thank you for one of the best gifts I have ever been given.

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