So the truth is I am very happy that I moved back to Los Angeles because the opportunities are endless. In fact I have met more amazing people, and been exposed to more exciting job opportunities in just this last week and 1/2 alone than I had in the last 3 years back home, but it does not come without a price because I really miss everybody. 🙁

I know it probably doesn’t seem like it to all my Florida peeps because unless you are following my blog I have been largely MIA, but don’t let the absence fool you. You haven’t heard from me merely because I have contracted the same disease that all my fellow LA peeps inevitably contract: the I-never-stop-working disease.

Luckily the holiday’s are coming and I am soooo looking forward to heading back to Florida and spending some good quality time with all you lovely people. I’m thinking I might need to have another Griswald Christmas party this year. Who’s in?

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!

P.S. It looks like my film The Guardians finally got distribution. Yay!!!! And I am up for a really cool job so much much more news to come.

Here’s a little fun from me, Diego, Sophie and the kitties. Click on the pic to watch and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “I Miss My Friends & Family!!

  1. Missing you as well!! Happy knowing that the holidays are coming and we get to see you all! WOO! HOO! 🙂

    Sending LOADS of LOVE & HUGS!!

    PS…Loved the Halloween greeting!!! Too cute!

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