Did you know that based on the stats coming from the Writer’s and Director’s Guild that at least 90% of all movies and films, that’s 90% of most of the visual storytelling we as a culture are exposed to, is told through the perspective of men? Just drink that thought in for a minute and let it marinate. It’s kind of a big deal.

I share this not as an opportunity to complain about the male perspective, I actually love the male perspective, but I say it because I believe the female perspective in our society is equally important, that the male and female perspective together create a necessary balance in our world and that what we have here is not even close to balanced.

I share this because I believe film and television have a huge influence over our collective psyche, that they have the power to affect how we feel about our world, and I am hoping to inspire more women to find their voices and use those tools of influence to bring more balance to our world, especially you ladies who know how to make us laugh.

I also share this because I would like to motivate you Broads who live in the Los Angeles Area and who work in the entertainment fields to get your butts over to the Broad Humor Film Festival for the weekend of Sept 27th – 30th! It is of world balancing importance that you block out that time and plan on spending it with your fellow lady filmmakers. Who knows? Maybe all the bonding, the laughter, the inspiration and the creative fun might just start a revolution.

Check out the schedule here and let me know when you can come. I will be happy to introduce you to Susan DiRende (the founder of the festival) and to make sure that this isn’t just another function you attend but rather a weekend where career fueling camaraderie and friendships are born.

Can’t wait to see you there!



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