I just went to see the feature documentary “Last Call At The Oasis” by Director Jessica Yu last week about the water crisis our world faces both here and abroad and it was both amazing and disturbing all at the same time.

While watching it I was inspired and reminded of just how powerful and important film can be, but was also simultaneously frustrated about why it is that I am receiving such incredibly important information for the first time from a film that many people will never see. It is news our journalists should be sharing and our politicians should most certainly be talking about and yet I hear hardly a whisper on this subject. Just the same old arguing about the same old issues that at its root are really about who gets to be in power, when meanwhile we have serious issues affecting all of us that no one is even paying attention to, at least not so loud that I would have heard it.

To give you a little taste, one of the most shocking things I learned is that Las Vegas will be completely out of a water source within 4 years. I had known that Las Vegas taps into Lake Mead and that because of it the water levels were getting lower there, but I had no idea that Lake Mead has been dropping 10 feet every year for many years now and that there are only 36 feet left. What??? And their one plan to fix it by tapping into a different communities water source is tied up in legal battles. How will our economy be affected when Las Vegas literally shuts down?

And you don’t even want to hear what Erin Brockovich has to say, although you should. There are Hinkley’s everywhere. She can’t even keep up.

I know it’s not the most pleasant of subject matter, but it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many positive suggestions of things we can do to help as well. If you get the chance I hope you will watch. We have to be informed if we are going to help each other, and films like this one help us to get informed. If you go to their website you can request that the film come to a University or Theater near you.

In the meantime, maybe think twice about running that sink water for too long. Maybe we don’t have to flush the toilet every single time. Things to think about.

“Last Call at The Oasis” was produced by Participant Media

3 thoughts on “Last Call At The Oasis

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle works for water too. : ) Got the ‘ol dual flush toilets myself. : ) Thanks to great filmmakers and the technology to spread the news – as you are doing – we can all learn….and when you know better – you do better. Thanks for sharing! HUGS!

  2. Don’t get us started! We are also a big fan of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. Check out the short documentary ‘The Great Pacific Garbage Patch’. I agree with Norma…when you know better – you do better and we can all make a difference in our daily lives.

    LOVE & HUGS!!

  3. Thank you for bringing this film to our attention. We went to see ‘Inside Job’ a few years ago and were two of six or eight people in the theatre. After the film, another couple asked us how we’d heard about it…Tim had seen something about it on the internet – you’re right – our media is not focused on the important stories that can make a difference…

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