It seems almost impossible to believe that our little Sophie was born 10 years ago today. Everyone always says it goes in a blink and I didn’t believe them because the baby years sure didn’t feel that way to me, at least not at the time, but then somehow, somewhere in between all the homework, summer breaks, extracurricular activities and general busy-ness of life as we know it, you wake up one day and they are 10.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we have decided to share with you some of our most favorite quotes that have come out of the mouth of our quite spirited and perceptive little Sophie Bean over the last 10 years.

And to Sophie we want to say: your passion, beauty, free-spirited-ness, and impatience, your outrageously mischievous sense of humor, your already deep understanding of human nature, and your endless dancing and singing around the house all make you the wonderfully special little girl that you are and we are so grateful you chose us to be your parents. We love you little Bean and can only imagine the fun the next 10 years have in store.

Quotes from Sophie:

At 12 months

“Shoes” and “I like Santa” (we knew this was probably a bad sign – particularly for her future boyfriends)

At age 2

Patty: “Sophie, do you want to go to the beach?” Sophie: “No!” Patty: “Why?” Sophie: “Hot!!!”

Sophie was sitting in her high chair eating when all the sudden she starts blowing her finger and crying and says “here, blow it mommy” I said “what happened?” she said “Somebody bit me”

And I knew she was already perceptive when I asked her “Are you feeling okay?” and her response was “Don’t worry Mommy”

She asked me to open her candy and I said she had had enough so she turns right to my Dad with a grin and says “Grand Daddy will open it”

“I don’t want to hear it Laurie” (was her response to my BFF’s excessive talking while we were on a roadtrip)

One day I caught her chewing on the couch like a puppy and I told her to cut it out. She started laughing and I said “It’s not funny” and she says “Come on Mommy. It’s funny.”

“I don’t have time to care about that.” (oh the wisdom that accidentally spews from children)

At age 3

Her Poppy asked her how school was and she says “I was in a pissy mood today”

Diego put her to bed one night and then I came in to give her a kiss and as I entered she says “socks and water” I said “excuse me?” and she says “first, get me my socks and then go get me some water” (clearly she was a princess in her last life)

One day I was telling her that she hurt her Nana’s feelings and asked her what she was gonna do about it and she says “um, give her a kiss?” and I said “what else?” “Ummm, a hug?” “And what else, you really hurt her feelings” “Um….a credit card?”

Diego was singing the Little Mermaid song and she comes up and smacks him and says “Don’t be ridiculous”

“Your teasing me grandfather!” (to Timmy who of course was teasing her)

At Age 4

“Momma, pay attention, I’m gonna tell you something really sweet, ummm, you look beautiful today. Do I look beautiful too?”

“Did grandpa already have that grumpy face when you were little?”

“Momma since it’s your birthday I am going to be sweet to you all day and I am not gonna say that you have wrinkles or anything”

“My Daddy says that some cops are for protecting you and some cops are for hiding behind trees and giving you tickets”

At Age 5

After gathering up a bunch of clothes to give away she says “now we can drive to Africa and give them to the kids”

“I don’t like Thanksgiving” Why?” “Because they don’t give you stuff. They give you food. That’s not exciting”

Me: “So what do you think Soph? Should we have another baby or let the whole thing go?” Sophie: “Let the whole thing go. Babies are mean and they don’t share.”

Outta of the blue while in the car she says” Momma, you know what I just realized. We don’t have to drive to Africa to bring toys to the kids. We can just mail them.”

At Age 6

Sophie: Why doesn’t Santa ever die?” Me: “Santa’s kinda like God” Sophie: “Yeah but fatter”

Diego” Here Sophie, pull my finger” Sophie: “No Daddy. I’m afraid you’re going to have to fart all by yourself”

Diego: “Sophie, do you know what wall is in Spanish?” “Ummm…walletta?”

At Age 7

Diego: “Are you going to move out anytime soon?” Sophie: “Nope. I’m a stinky midget and I shall trash the house and stay little forever”

Diego: “I’m trying to be normal” Sophie: “yeah, like that will ever happen”

“Mommy, tonight instead of reading a book I think I’d like to write a song.” (and she did all by herself, and it was good)

At Age 8

Sophie: “Mommy. Tell me truth. Do you put the presents under the tree?” Me: “I put some of the presents under the tree” “Does Daddy put the other ones?” “We should wait and talk about this when Daddy gets home.” Sophie:”It’s a simple yes or no question” Me: “Do you really want to know?” Sophie: “yes!!!!” Me:”Okay yes” Sophie: “I didn’t know. Next time I’ll thank you”

At Age 9

I told Sophie I wouldn’t buy her a cell phone because she was too young and of course she said “what if I buy it with my own money?” I said “fine, if you buy it with your own you can have one.” So she went in the backyard grabbed all the lemons off the tree, made the lemonade, and a sign and proceeded to make $40 then proceeded to buy her first pre-paid cell phone. Quite proud of herself she says “Some people gave me $5 and didn’t even ask for change because I’m cute”

At Age 10

Sophie: “Can we talk about something I want to talk about?” Me: “You know, believe it or not, someday you are going to find me and Daddy very interesting” Sophie: “Yeah well that day hasn’t happened yet, so can we talk about me now?”

7 thoughts on “Sophie Bean is Officially The Double Digit Midgit

  1. Out of the mouth of babes! LOVE IT!! I think our baby is growing up.
    Wishing our grandbaby a VERY HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!!
    LOVE and HUGS,
    Poppy & Nana

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sophie. LOVE all of Sophies comments! They are all things that I hear from my grandkids….crazy, smart things! Hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday Sophie. I enjoyed spending time with you when we were there. I hope you’ll come hang with us in AZ sometime and see some broadway shows with me and tim man. I love you Carla Van and Tim too
    Hope your birthday day is everything you wished for

  4. Really enjoyed reading that! So precious that you captured those quotes so well, she will love reading that someday. She sounds like a hoot! Happy birthday to Sophie Bean!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little Sophie Bean, I remember when my boys turned 10 it was a big deal! Now they are 15 and almost 13!! Hope she had a wonderful day!!!:) xo

  6. Thanks Anne! I hate that I didn’t get to see for the reunion memorial. Next time I am in Florida we must get together. I think CP would really like that and I know I sure would.

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