Okay so that meeting I had yesterday ended up being 8 1/2 hours long and went really well. I can’t really say yet what I will be doing and who I will be doing it with but what I can say is that if all continues to go like its going I will be signing a contract this weekend and will finally be getting paid for all the things I love to do as well as getting the beautiful privilege of helping lots and lots of others get paid for what they love to do, and when that reality finally sinks into my brain (because it really just hasn’t yet, I’m still a little bit in the “what just happened? Is this guy really for real?” mode) but when it finally does sink into my brain, and paychecks start landing in my bank account, then you shall see me do one seriously joyous happy dance. I will film it and put it right here!

3 thoughts on “I start on Monday. What???

  1. WOO! HOO!! AWESOME news!!! Although the suspense is killing me! LOL! Can’t wait until you can share the details. Good luck with it all! It’s your time to shine!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! Now that didn’t take too long did it?!

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