Alright I never share this kind of stuff because I don’t want anyone worrying about me if things don’t work out (as is so often the case in my industry), but the truth is two great things are happening to me this week: (1)  I had my audition today for the final level of The Second City and (2) I have a very important meeting tomorrow that I couldn’t even attend without signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, it’s big, like gynormo big, and if all goes well with both of those things…well, we”ll just say my life could be changing very quickly in a direction I have wanted it to go for a very long time.

If nothing happens I will be totally fine. I know I am on to something here and that it’s only a matter of time before it all finally clicks into place, but if that click happens tomorrow….well then that’s a lifelong dream finally coming true….pretty gigantic stuff for me…my gold medal if you will, I can only imagine how that will feel, and I just thought “how cool would it be to share it with everyone right here, in real time so you could live the fun of that ride with me?”

Keep your fingers crossed and don’t worry about me. I have experienced plenty of disappointment before, I’m a pro at it, but I don’t get the feeling that’s what’s gonna happen tomorrow. I think tomorrow is going to be a good day.  I think I’ll wear the party dress.


16 thoughts on “Interesting Things Are Happening

  1. YAY! WOO HOO! AWESOME! ……just practicing my GO HOLLY – YOU DID IT cheer! : ) LOVE, HUGS & HAPPY VIBES!

  2. YAHOO – got all the fingers crossed and sending good vibes. Have a great meeting! Love you, Mom

  3. WOW!!! Exciting news….we’re sooo thrilled! Good luck and remember YOU CAN DO IT!!
    Sending loads of LOVE & HUGS…

  4. Go Get it! It’s your time. It would be the greatest Birthday gift ever!

  5. How very exciting!!!!! My fingers and toes are crossed!!!

  6. Quench the thirst of your soul……..!!!!!!! I believe in you.

  7. Wonderful news. We will keep you in our prayers that all will work to your good.

  8. Thanks so much Ron! I’ve been thinking about you and picturing you in perfect health! So far so good with this opportunity. I will post as soon as I am allowed

  9. Things went very well. Having a hard time believing its all for real even though there is no reason to believe otherwise. Much to share so I will as soon as I am allowed.

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