Yet again I am reminded that if you feel the need to reach out and tell someone you love and appreciate them that you should do it, because otherwise you might end up feeling like I do today.

Oh Ron Palillo! I have had you on my list of people to contact for so long now. I wanted to tell you how thankful I am to this day that you were my first star of my first movie ever. And I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for all those 10 page days I gave you because now that I have become an actor myself I understand what it is you pulled off for me you crazy man. You took on that ridiculously verbose and eccentric Professor character I created for you with so much love and passion that it didn’t even seem to matter.

I also wanted to thank you for the way you made me feel seen. I will never forget the moment as we were nearing the end of filming when you gave me that look, that look kinda like Robert DeNiro gave Billy Crystal in Analyze This when he realizes how Billy is tricking him into healing, that “you, you’re good you” look, only you said “you’re scaring me” and I knew in that moment that you saw what no one else had seen, the message I was trying to express underneath the story. Those moments are few and far between for me, but you gave me that. My little angel side was exposed and I loved it because I knew that meant you had a little angel in you as well. You were a kindred spirit.

But most of all I wanted to thank you for all the memories, all the giggling, gossip and belly laughs. And I will forever remember our time in New York together when I realized that I hadn’t just made a movie, I had made a dear friend.

I so wish I had told you all those things Ron. I guess I just assumed you would be around forever. Wherever you are I hope you are blissfully happy, feeling creative and free. I will miss you so much. I didn’t know how much until I got the news that you had passed just now.

Much love


Ron Palillo, Famed for Playing Horshack on TV’sWelcome Back, Kotter, Dead at 63

2 thoughts on “The Everville Gang is Going To Miss You, Professor (aka Ron Palillo)

  1. So SWEET! I hope your heart feels good to know that you’ve shared such precious memories, which will carry on Ron’s spirit even further! HUGS!

  2. Thanks Norma. When I look at it that way. Yes it does. Also a friend of mine just told me that he was very happy the last couple years teaching in West Palm so that is awesome.

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