So phase 3 of helping my new client (Diego) launch a new and improved social media campaign for himself was to create a new blog for him that will act as command central for his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Based on everything I have been learning, it is important that he has a site rather than the, much easier to figure out, site  for one main reason: with you pay to host the site through your own server and therefore retain ownership of all of your own content, with they host your content for you at their expense and therefore the question of who owns what gets real blurry.

Given that Diego’s site will be home to a mother load of original photography, I’m not real interested in “blurry” so away I went into the treacherous new waters of web hosting and web template design and customization. Little did I know I was about to be up frustration creek without a valium.

For the record I have discovered that I have absolutely no patience for myself whatsoever. I dove into this challenge with the full expectation that I would have a new site up and running and ready to share within a couple days. Hahahahaha!!! Yeah, that is not exactly how it went.

We’ll just say it was a special week and 1/2 filled with “what the heck does this mean?” “Is this even English?” “Why won’t it work?” “I can’t find the stupid footer” “Where’s the…Oh” “Can’t you people get your own food” “No I haven’t showered, I’m busy” “I’m a failure” “Maybe I should consider a new profession” and then thankfully, finally “that looks pretty good,” “Wow. I really learned a lot,” and “Maybe I should give myself a little credit for literally having to learn everything while simultaneously creating it.”

I must apologize to Diego and Sophie for the less than lovely human chained to the computer that I have been for the last week and 1/2 but the good news is I am all the wiser for it. I now have a pretty firm grasp on the basics of Hosting and WordPress template building, which is empowering, and am all together certain that moving forward I will stick to the creative aspects (coming up with the big visions for my clients) and will, with much respect, hand over the technical duties to the proper technical people the moment I have the budget to do so.

My advice to anyone who wants to embark on this journey as I did: bring your patience with you, your ability to google questions and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress and you’ll do just fine. It is totally doable.

3 thoughts on “I shall conquer you!!!

  1. I can so see you in that mode. Congratulations for sticking with it as it can be mind boggling. Plus, it is really a funny description. No wonder I have not heard from you…..

    Hugs, Mom

  2. You crack me up – and you’re much BRAVER than me…with the exception of a few adminstrative things I can do (very easily) on my website, I typically hand the ‘techy’ stuff off to my awesome guy, Scott MacCord in Orlando. Hang in there and have a margarita…!

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