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I don’t know who made this sign, but I would like to hug them, because it so beautifully and simply sums up everything my heart has always told me is right and therefore the way I choose to life my life. My whole life people, society, the world have tried to tell me why I am wrong on this, they try to tell me there should be exceptions to this rule, they even try to make grand cases about why I should be accepting of some but not others by whipping out their history, their seniority, their ideologies, their religions and their books and I used to get intimidated by this, but I am happy to say that at 42 I am finally bold enough to say to everyone everywhere “I love you, but I am not budging on this one. Sorry. Pray for me if you need to.”

I know what people will say “I have to be careful because there are evil people out there bent on destroying my way of being or even my life, and I need to rally against them” but for me spending a lifetime rallying against what I fear is not a life worth living. For better of for worse I’m g0nna spend my life rallying around the good I find in all people, no matter who they are, lifting them up, making them strong. If that is the wrong way to do it, if that puts me in danger, then so be it. Pray for me if you need to.

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