Alright, so it’s Diego but hey, he’s my only shot at nepotism in this business, so I am saying it counts.

Anyway, you know that whole adage about “if you want something, give it away” this really applies here. My whole life I have had this childish wish that someone will come along and go through all the cajillion things I have created over the years and help me get them out to the world. It turns out my husband is the same way. He’s just creating and creating all the time, stuff that I think people would really enjoy, stuff that would likely lead to an exciting career change, but yet it never sees the light of day because he simply doesn’t have the time to get it out there. He’s also hoping for that special person to magically come along and help.

Well he doesn’t need to hope any longer, because I am that person. I decided to help him in the exact way I intend to help all my future clients, by helping him get to the bottom of what he really wants and then creating a social media campaign in service of making sure he gets there.

The first order of business is to flip his business model. As it stands now, most potential employers only know him as an amazing Visual Effects guy, and he is, but what I, and many of our closest family and friends, know is that his talent for photography is even greater. I never see that man as happy and in his zone as when he has a camera in his hand, so its time for that part of his life to take center stage.

He says the reason that he hasn’t aggresively pursued a career as a DP or photographer before is because he didn’t think he could make as much money at it as he could with the VFX and, since supporting his family is really important to him, that dream has taken a back seat, but I honestly think he could make even more money at photography then he ever did at VFX, and I am counting on my new social media plan and your support to help me prove it to him.

First step, creating a Facebook page that highlights a sampling of some of his amazing photography. I would love it if all of you could click on over to Diego’s new FB page, enjoy the view and then click like  and then if you are on Twitter to go ahead and start following him there @dtorroija. This way when when we get that new blog up and running, and he starts releasing his pics of the day and his new demo reel, you will be the first to see it.

If you could take the time and do that, not only will you get to enjoy some amazing photography, but you will be a huge support to a very special man as he makes the most important career shift of his life.

Yay! This is fun. Just wait till you see all the stuff I dig up.

2 thoughts on “I did it! I got my first client before August 1st!

  1. I have seen a lot of that huge inventory of photography and you will definitely have your work cut out for you. But what a great project! Happy hunting…..

    Love Mom

  2. Great Job! I checked out the site but can’t comment because I’m not signed up for Facebook. HUGS!! : )

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