My whole life I just assumed that everybody thought this; that if you wanted happiness, you had to add it. It was information I was so sure of that I even took it for granted. It was just what was so for me. But recently it has been brought to my attention that this is not the case, that not everyone recieved the same memo about life that I did, so I decided to share mine, in case anyone finds it useful.

For me, happiness in life was never something that I expected to just magically occur. I mean, sure, sometimes it did, spontaneously, and it was always a bonus when it did, but for the most part I always just assumed that happiness was something I was going to have to work really hard at everyday, like a job, or a career really, and that it wasn’t the type of work I was going to be able to outsource or delegate. It had to be self-generated. That was the rule, no exceptions, and I just accepted it.

I thought of it as a simple muscle that must be exercised regularly if I wanted it to work properly and hold the weight. That if I didn’t work that muscle regularly or even worse, if I relied too heavily on outside sources (insert any vice or circumstance here) to work it for me, that my happiness would forever be weak and in danger, because it would always be at the mercy of whatever curve balls life threw at me, and life throws lots of curve balls.

I figured if I wasn’t seasoned, strong and prepared, like an Olympian, to turn lifes experiences into something happy and positive, then life could get real tough, real quick, and I wasn’t interested in allowing life to get like that, that was unacceptable to me, so I preferred to spend my time working at being prepared.

The silly thing is: even with all the hard work involved, sticking to those simple philosphies has actually worked. I have had a pretty good track record at happiness. In fact, if you asked, I think most people who know me would say I am up there on the list of the happiest people they know. I have even managed to be modestly happy even when I am not happy, so maybe there is good reason to hear what I have to say on this matter.

One thing I know for sure is that the world is absolutely filled with stories of people who have managed to find happiness inside of even the worst of all human experiences. I don’t think they possess any kind of superhuman powers that we do not. I think it’s just that they are really really good at adding happiness to any and all life circumstances.

So to any of you who are not happy but want to be, I say: try adding it.

3 thoughts on “Life is just life. Happiness is something you have to add.

  1. Being the youngest of 13 children and having a nickame of Smiley – I don’t remember working at happiness, but you make an interesting point. Sending you HAPPY VIBES so that your muscle can relax and EN-JOY…from my Heart to Yours! : )

  2. Simple and profound. Guess that’s why you skipped everywhere you went as a child and was nicknamed “Hippity Hop”. Mucho hugs and love sent your way. Looking forward to seeing you on August 3rd.

    Love Mom

  3. That’s the other secret. Some people are born with naturally strong muscles. Love you!!!! You are a true happiness generator.

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