I interrupt this regularly scheduled lighthearted and humor-filled blog in order to tell the media to piss off! Yes, I said it. Piss off.

There is only one true reason why a person dresses up and goes into a theater on the premiere night of the hottest summer film and does such an evil deed (besides the obvious possibilities of mental illness, narcissism, drugs or being hopped up on some extreme form of a religion) and that one reason is to get ATTENTION. This person wants attention and as it stands in our society right now this is the only sure fire way to get it! People actually worthy of our attention are relegated to the cute little cameo appearances, but do something like this kid did, well now you’re leading man material with years of story line devoted solely to you.

Enough is enough! I am not giving this kid what he wants and if you are going to insist on giving it to him then I am not going to watch you. I don’t want to see this kid’s picture. I don’t want to know his middle name. I don’t want to know any of his names. I don’t want to know what he’s wearing, or how he is feeling, where he went to school, what his neighbors think, how his family feels and I certainly don’t want to spend the next two years with him finding out what he bought inside prison or what he says or doesnt say at a hearing or trial, or how many love letters or marriage proposals he gets from equally demented individuals. He doesn’t deserve my time!! I don’t want to have to have a discussion about whether we should or shouldn’t be reading his books or watching his movie, or see re-enactments of what he did on 89,000 real crime story shows. I don’t even want to know why he did it because there is no reason he could give that could make sense out of the senseless. Sick people do sick things. That’s the story. Done!

I know what you’re going to say “we have to tell the whole story in order to honor the victims.” No you don’t. You really don’t. If you want to honor the victims then I say, now, of all times, would be a great time to exercise your option not to be fair and balanced, the killer sure wasn’t. You can share everything we viewers truly do want to know about the victims from their point of view, tell us how we can help them, share with us the steps they are taking to heal, how their lives have changed. You can share every bit of that without even mentioning that blight on society’s name. In fact you could just call him the Blight on Society, BOS, for short and tell the viewing public directly that you’re not sharing anything further about him because it is your new policy not to draw attention to people who you feel don’t deserve our attention. I don’t know about everyone else but I can promise I won’t complain.

I know I am only one viewer and that it’s not gonna matter to you one way or the other if I choose, as I did with the whole Casey Anthony saga, not to watch. But like my hero before me, Martin Luther King Jr., I too have a dream! I have a dream that one day people will no longer care to watch the daily doing’s of people that contribute nothing of merit to our society. When that happens your ratings will change and my guess is so will you. Until then, piss off! And I mean that with love in my heart, I know its a machine. 🙂

P.S. To the victims of this horrible tragedy, my heart hurts for you. I am deeply sorry that there are people out there who have no respect for love and human life and that your paths had to cross with one of those people. I hope you get all the love and hugs from your friends, family and community that you deserve through this terrible time. Life will never be the same but if this tragedy brings you closer to the presence and power of love then maybe at least that is a way to honor the victims and who they were for you in your lives.

2 thoughts on “Stop Making The Aurora Colorado Shooter Famous! Who’s With Me?

  1. I am 100% with you on this one. I heard Mike Huckabee being interviewed this morning and he said he absolutely would not even say the guy’s name on any of his shows or while he was being interviewed. The only reference he would make to the guy, if any, was as “the shooter”. They have to stop doing this.

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