Okay, I admit that I was like most of you in thinking “I don’t get this whole twitter thing? I’m already Facebooking, linking in, blogging, chatting, texting, emailing, skypeing and now I gotta twitter too? No! I don’t want to. I refuse to even go there! Enough is enough”

But….it became increasingly obvious to me that I can’t be the cutest little social media guru you ever did see and not be a tweeter. That’s just twazy. So I checked it out and guess what happened? I FREAKING LOVE TWITTER!!!! It could easily become an obsession.

What’s so great about it you say? Well for years I have had this yearning desire to design my own news. People always say you are what you eat, and I would say you are also what you watch and read. I have never been satisfied with what I watch and read on the news. It feels like junk food to me. But lo and behold here comes the unlikely savior from my news woes, Twitter!

See the thing is on Twitter you get to decide who to follow and where you want to get your news from. It’s like an ala carte lunch line. If you want to grab the usual junk food you certainly can but if you’re like me and you would rather know for example the latest brilliant invention coming out of the mind of Elon Musk founder of PayPal, Tesla and Space X, or hear about how Virgin founder Richard Branson created Virgin Unite which unites all 50,000 of his employees in actively making the world a better place, or if you want to laugh with Rainn Wilson creator of Soul Pancake as he uses comedy to simply make you “feel damn good,” then you can put that on your tray instead. It’s like being the programmer of your own news network. Oh the fun to be had! I am drunk with power over the possibilities of this wonderful news universe Twitter has put at my fingertips.

But that’s not all. Twitter is interactive which makes the implications and opportunities for my new social media promotion venture endless. See if I want to promote a particular person or project, then all I have to do is create an account for them, and through that account become a loyal follower of all the people and companies that are like minded. I will follow them and then reach out for them to follow me and round and round we will go and the next thing you know we are in a tweelanship. (I know I gotta stop, but this is too much fun)

I’m gonna head back over to Twitterland now. I hope I have inspired you all to sign up and see what’s possible if for no other reason then to follow me on the adventure @hollypayberg. I promise you even if all you do is follow me you will get exposed to some great and inspiring news. And remember, you are what you tweet! (Okay I’ll stop now. 🙂 )



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