Alright I admit I got a little quiet for a couple weeks there, I retreated back into my shell, but for good reason! It was time for me to once and for all make a solid plan for making money.

Determined to have a breakthrough in this area I bought the book Think and Grow Rich and I got to thinking. Ooh boy did I think. And then I thought again. And again. In fact, I really out did myself in the thinking arena. I might have sprained a gasket in there. It certainly felt like it. I went way out into the ethers and thought up some ridiculouly elaborate and lofty plans that I was sure were going to work, and then just as quickly dropped to depths of despair in the realization that those ideas were way too crazy big to ever add up to any riches, at least not any time soon, and that my bills were sitting there staring at me going “yoo-hoo, over here, you planning on paying me?”

It honestly got so bad that I said to myself, “enough with this whole going after my dreams nonsense, it’s too painful. I’m just going to go get any job I can get and be done with it” and that’s when it hit, a seemingly little idea chiseling its way through the wall I had just built. It started as just a little crack that got me saying “wait a minute, that’s interesting, that’s kind of like a baby step to the big plan” and then it knocked the wall completely down with a “holy crap! I could do that right now!!! I would love to do that right now!!! Let’s get this thing going!”

So what is this new idea that’s got me all wound up? It’s right there in the title, I’m going to be a social media guru to the stars. Well actually one star, for now, and then maybe later we’ll add an s.

What I am looking for right now is one very special A-list Writer/Producer/Director/Actor type (any combination of which but preferably from the comedy world – or at least likes comedy) who knows they could benefit from having their very own, very personalized social media campaign that keeps their fan base entertained, engaged and up to date, but who doesn’t have time nor energy to do it themselves and would love to pay me to listen to all it is they want to express and share and share it for them in the form of creative and personalized blogging, tweets and videos.

I have worked for A-list celebrities in the past so I get their needs and concerns. I positively love love love listening and sharing people’s stories. I am a literal fountain of new ideas. I have an insatiable appetitie for learning the new forms of distribution the internet makes possible and I have extensive experience in creative writing, blogging and producing both high and low budget content. And I am sane, healthy and kind. Add all those things together and I’d say I am one heck of a find for some lucky A-lister (that is also sane, healthy and kind – my one stipulation)

If anyone reading this now knows who this person is then please send them my way or forward it on in case someone you know might know this person. I will be sending it out to everyone I have ever known as well.

This is truly the perfect job for me. I know it the way I knew I was supposed to marry my husband after only six weeks so I say, let’s just get on with the show. I am so ready to dive in. My goal is to find this person and start working for them no later than August 1st no matter what it takes. I hope you’ll spread the word and help me make it happen. 🙂


P.S. For those of you that might be concerned that I am giving up on my own original content, fear not, I will never give up. I’m just finally learning the value of baby steps. I believe that the things I will learn by diving in and helping another artist today will be the things that will help my own artist self tomorrow. Give away what it is you seek. Isn’t that how the old saying goes?



5 thoughts on “The Cutest Little Social Media Guru You Ever Did See!

  1. Holly that is so perfectly YOU! You are the BEST listener I have ever known. Not only that, you have an uncanny way of knowing exactly what someone is trying to say.

    Sounds like divine intervention to me 🙂 GO HOLLY, GO!
    Love you lots <3

  2. Well, I don’t personally know any A-list’ers, but I KNOW that you have so much creativity and kindness inside, that you’d be PERFECT for the job! If – You reap what you sow – then you’re sure to be RICH in no time! : )
    LOVE & HUGS!

  3. P.S. Don’t know if Woody Harrelson is an A-list, but just got the post that he & a longtime friend have written and directed a new play going on stage in NY in August…the story line is about their friendship that began in 1983 just before Woody headed to NY where he describes Hunger as the best Sauce when it comes to writing…he’s such an amazing guy and fits your Sane, Healthy & Kind stipulation. The play is called Bullet for Adolf…perhaps the timing is perfect – sounds like he may need a Media Guru….

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