It is so time to get paid. It is over time to get paid. I have been running this career of mine like it’s a non-profit, except I haven’t even been asking for any donations nor promoting my cause to anyone who might donate. I’ve even enrolled countless others in working for free, to join me on the endless treadmill of thinking we just have to pay our dues a little more, prove our worth a little more and then we’ll deserve to get paid. It’s my own little version of crazy, and it has got to stop. I am calling me on my shit.

In all other areas of my life I play a big game, challenging myself daily to be better, to risk more and yet in the money department, I act like a little mouse. When it comes to declaring my value as an artist and what that translates to financially suddenly I seem to have amnesia as to who I am and what I can provide, it’s like a glitch in the system, I get all squeamish and shy, which I am sure translates to lack of confidence, which in turn translates to “she doesn’t have anything,” and the result of course is me continuing on with my highly successful non-profit that no one in my industry knows about.

Arggghhh!!! Does anyone else go through this? I can tell you I’m not going to anymore. I know I have been building up to this all year, dancing around what needs to be done, but enough kidding around, this nonsense ends now! I will call who I need to call and share what I need to share no matter how twitchy it makes me because there is so much fun to be had, creativity to be shared and money to be made, I just have to step up to the bat and start swinging.

As a start I did step up to bat today by making some big important phones calls, calls that probably should have been made a long time ago but, regardless, I made them now. I have hit the ball into play and look forward to letting you know how it all plays out.

I challenge everyone else along with me: are there any balls you know you should be hitting into play? Hit em into play now! Not next week. Now!!! Your life will thank you for it.

6 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money, Mon-ay…..Monnnn…ay!!!

  1. Holly, you are not the only one who goes through this. I myself know exactly what this feels like. I am a very successful, educated, hard working self-driven veterinary technician. I know my job like the back of my hand and have confidence in doing so, but I still seem to work for way less than what I’m worth. I myself feel like a charity worker, even though the work I do is excessive and demanding. Such is the life of a caregiver, and such is the life of an artist. Unfortunetly, my profession treats technicians like shit, and it often is a thankless job, but a job thats worth doing because I love it, and I get satisfaction out of being a veterinary nurse. I just lack confidence when that awkward question is asked..”so, how much do you want to get paid?” I just freeze! And I can forget asking for a raise! So, just know that you are not alone.

  2. Oh sweet Holly – you are certainly not alone…but of course you knew that when you asked the question…which explains why you ended your blog with your encouragement…because that’s the KIND person you are. Stay with your true intentions…this blog site alone showcases many of your valuable attributes and are testimony to quite a fantastic journey…remember to ENJOY the RIDE. : ) LOVE & HUGS

  3. Morgan Freeman didn’t get his BIG break until he was in his 50’s with Driving Miss Daisy. You are on the right path to your “something BIG”…just keep your Eyes and Heart Open and remember that every moment is a chance to learn something. Know that you are being carried thru this journey with A LOT of LOVE from many people….not so much “money” – but “LOVE”!
    Sending you some LOVE & a BIG HUG!

  4. Holly…if you haven’t already done so…please check out… I think you’ll find True Happiness there! According to Rainn, Your Art/Creativity is your Prayer speaking to the world. We hear you! : )

  5. Checking it out now – and thanks so much for all your encouragement Norma. You are one of the sweetest ladies I know.

  6. Well then I am both happy and sad to know that you are in the same boat with me. Let’s get out of this thing and find a bigger boat. Ha!

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