So every other day of the year you have to be all things to everybody. You are the resident housekeeper, CFO, psychiatrist, cheerleader, professor, finder of things lost, boo boo fixer, back tickler, peacemaker, head chef, bread winner, bread buyer and the list goes on and on but today, oh glorious today, you get to be the Queen. Today is all about you and I say you take it and run with it. It’s good all week. We all need days like this at least once a year where we say, “yeah, it’s true, I am fabulous. You probably should bring me breakfast in bed and rub my feet.”

And I am not just talking about mom’s in the traditional sense of the word. I am including here every single woman on earth who knows the feeling of giving herself over to care about someone or something more than herself. I am talking about woman who are devoted step mom’s, foster mom’s, pet mom’s, really enthusiastic aunt’s, women who have made themselves mom’s to a cause, a classroom or even a garden. This is your day to give yourself a break. If you don’t have someone to treat you extra special today, then make sure to do it for yourself. No should’s, would’s or could’s today, just rest, relaxation and fun.

Since I can’t be with my 2 mom’s today I am sending them both this reminder. Tell those 2 men of yours (whom I also adore) that today they need to fend for themselves, and furthermore today they need to take extra special care of you. Tell them your daughter said so. 🙂

I want you both to know that now more than ever, particularly since I have become a mom myself, that I really am discovering all the invisible and uncredited ways you have shaped and guided who I am today. Only now that I am a mom myself have I been able to catch a glimpse of the kind of love you must have for me and the gifts you have given, no strings attached. It’s really hard to see and appreciate these things when you are the child in the relationship. And even as I am seeing it there is really no way to repay you for all of that you have given other than to pass all that wisdom and love on to my Sophie Bean. I’m thinking that maybe motherhood is just one of those Pay It Forward propositions.

So here it is. Sending out lots of love to my mom’s and all the mom’s out there. I have already had my breakfast in bed and now I am off to Malibu to enjoy myself thoroughly!

3 thoughts on “It’s your day Mom’s. Go ahead and milk it!

  1. It’s the joy of having an amazing daughter like you that makes Mother’s Day so Special to me!!

    For the wonderful daughter you have always been…and the beautiful mother you’ve become…this bring wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day!

    Sending LOTS of LOVE & HUGS…

  2. You never cease to amaze me. What a wonderful Mother’s Day wish. It made me boo hoo. You are just a bundle of love and a great Mother as well. Love you kiddo, Mom

  3. As if the words on this blog weren’t enough to melt my heart…I received your card in the mail and now all choked up & with tears in my eyes…my heart is bubbling over with LOVE and Pride!
    Thank you again for your kind words! I send all this LOVE & MORE – back at you!” : )

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