So I’ve had an interesting past 5 days to say the least. The short film I was shooting this past weekend is officially “in the can” as they say. Although I guess we can’t say that anymore because in the digital age what we end up with in the end is neither on film nor put in a can. Ah… who cares…I’m gonna keep saying it because saying “it’s been dumped to the computer” just doesnt have the same ring.

Anyway that experience was….well…it was independent filmmaking at its most independent. I won’t go into the craziness of it all but as it happened our location we were supposed to have for 3 days got crunched down to 1 day and being the determined sort that me and, as it turns out, my co-star and new good friend Emilia are, we said ” lets’s just do this thing.” What happened next was some seriously high speed filmmaking, we shot all 11 pages in one day (my filmmaking friends know that that is insanity). We didn’t have time to over think anything, we just did and did fast. I have no idea how it will turn out but there were some truly funny moments both on and off screen so we shall see. Could be unintentionally genius or a train wreck. Obviously hoping for the genius.

Since I now had a free day (Sophie was at her friends for the weekend and Diego was working) I decided to take a beach/creative day to do some writing and buy myself a new book and the weirdest thing happened. I went in the store to buy one book but found myself walking out with Diane Keaton’s autobiography instead. I really didnt want to buy it but it was one of those moments where part of me absolutely insisted so I went with it. I sat down in a lovely spot in Santa Monica over looking the ocean and started to read and what I read made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She was writing her true life story about her mother and how she discovered that her mother was basically a closet writer for an audience of noone with over 38 journals piled up over the years. The reason this got me was because that is exactly what my screenplay that I am currently in rewrites on is about – it’s about a daughter who outs her closet-writer mother. Add to this the fact that Diane’s father’s name was Jack (which is what I named my character’s love interest), the fact that when I first started writing this story almost 20 years ago Diane was one of the people I imagined in the role, and the fact that I even ended up meeting and working with her on the film Hanging Up, it’s all just too weird. This is what equates to me as a sign to pay attention to. As soon as I finish this script I am going to find a way to get it on to her. I think she’s gonna love it. And I would die and go to heaven…to have Diane Keaton play my mother…what a dream worth dreaming.

But the excitement doesnt end there. This morning I went to breakfast with my former boss, Moshe. For those that don’t know him, he is a movie producer with well over 50 movie credits to his name. Long story short (because this man wastes no time) I ended up pitching him a couple of my projects and he wants to see one of my scripts, one of my war movies of course. Holy crap! This is a guy who can and will make the movie if he likes it, and this particular one is right up his alley, so I guess what I am saying now is….I can’t be sitting around blogging anymore. I’ve got to get to writing not one but 2 scripts, and a synopsis for a Documentary! And quick!!!Arggghhh 🙂

Just kidding I will still blog. But definitely gonna have to put myself on lockdown for the next month or so. Gotta strike while the iron is hot. Everyone has their window of opportunity and mine is now. I can feel it and I am going to take it.

4 thoughts on “Uh Oh! Let the games begin!

  1. Okay, that really is spooky. I was reading a magazine article about her a few days ago and I was thinking how much I liked the way she thinks and how I could relate. Very strange….

    Love, Your Real Mom

  2. Diane was on Ellen Monday….LOVE her! It’s not weird….it’s your SIGN! What are you doing wasting time reading this?…..Go….Go…THIS IS IT! Sending LOVE & HUGS!…

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