On the Set of Hoover with Harry Flynn

On the Set of Hoover with Harry Flynn

So round one of getting out of my shell and sharing my hopes and dreams with people that might be able to help me in this crazy business has already yielded some very fun results.

For my very first concious attempt I chose to seek out a lunch date with someone I already know, love and trust but who I haven’t seen in many many years, Harry Flynn. He is a very special man I met years ago on the set of Hoover (a movie I Art Directed). He was a producer on that film and long time publicist to Ernest Borgnine (the star of the movie). Harry has also been publicisit to the likes of Bob Hope and Michael Landon so he has been around and certainly has plenty of wisdom to share. But even more than his history, I just love his spirit. He’s an inspiration. At 80 something years, he’s not the least bit old, he’s just lived a long time so for me this was the perfect place to start. Plus his name is remarkably close to another favorite person of mine – my grandpa Terry Flynn.

We met for lunch and I told him everything. Told him all about the many years of projects just piling up and how I realized I have got to look for a manager/producer type person to help me or life’s gonna pass me by and my projects are never gonna get made. It felt great to just tell the truth about it all. And he was so cute. He actually got worried about me, knowing how this place called Hollywood can be, he was really concerned about helping me find somebody decent that could really help me. He wasn’t sure who that would be yet but he was gonna think about it because he thought this was exciting. What an incredible honor to have someone like him looking out for me.

The funny thing that happened that I didn’t expect however, was that spending time with him made me remember a documentary Diego has wanted to do for years that Harry would be a perfect subject for. I asked him if he would be willing to be a part of it and he was actually quite inspired by the idea, which in turn made me even more inspired and next thing you know I found myself calling a producer friend of mine to ask her if she would interested in Producing it and she gave me an excited yes before I could even get the full pitch out. So all the sudden I have found myself inspired and ready to make a really special Documentary that I will host and Direct, one of my dear and very talented friend will Produce, and my equally ridiculously talented husband will DP with his RED cam. So excited!!! It seems the best gigs I book are the ones I give myself.

Oh and the even funnier thing on top of all that is that I think this Producer friend of mine (you know who you are) could certainly be one of my Roy’s. She was under my nose all along. I just needed to open my eyes.

So that was this week. Let’s see who I challenge myself to open up to next week.

Ernest Borgnine as Hoover

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  1. Oh sweet Holly….you continue to amaze and inspire me and all who are blessed to be surrounding you. You are truly one of those “gifts” in this experience called life. I watch from the sidelines as you continue to reach for your stars and am happy to take a seat on the rollercoaster with you. You are gifted beyond words and loved/admired by all you touch. Keep going lady…you’re on your way!!!

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