Alright so I’m finally giving you a heads up with plenty of time. It looks like you will be able to find me on an episode of Unusual Suspects titled “Left For Dead” on Investigation Discovery channel this Sunday April 8th at either 7:00 pm or 10:00 pm depending on your local schedule.

I play the co-worker to the victim and one of the suspects on this one and it’s a speaking part this time so I think you will get to see a good bit of me but you never know. Look for me in a scene at the car lot we work at and then at a work function dinner as well.

Should be good for a chuckle seeing me in the middle of a crime show re-enactment. Ha!

Funny little back story on it, the guy who plays one of the suspects was actually an ex-cop turned actor and this was one of his first larger roles. In several scenes he was asked to Improv insults at the victim but he was such a sweet guy that he was having trouble doing it. He didnt want to hurt the feelings of the other actor who was playing the victim. If you can believe it I actually ended up coaching him on why he should be meaner. Ha!! I was telling him the other actor actually needed him to do that so that he has something stronger to react to, that its just a game. He totally got that and then started having fun with it, got all kinds of carried away.

Such a wacky job we have. Like playing pretend when we were kids. I love it!

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