Yay!!! After all the hard work I booked my first really fun project in quite awhile. I booked the lead in a short film about a girl who finds some rather large female undergarments in her boyfriends laundry and goes wild with her imagination as to why he has them, accusing him of all sorts of things, only to discover much to her embarassment that she mixed up the dryers.

My fellow cast is awesome and the Director is allowing us a lot of creative freedom so this ought to be a really fun experience. It films at the end of the month and I am so looking forward to diving into some comedy again.

And speaking of comedy, things are really starting to get fun with Second City. We’ve hit a level at the Conservatory where me and my fellow Improver’s are really starting to bond. They are too friggin funny and the sketch ideas are really starting to flow. You can expect some sketches to show up here in the near future. I consider myself lucky to be at Second City right now because if ever there was a satire worthy time in history I believe it is right now. It’s time we comedians give the world a good solid Lampooning!


3 thoughts on “Just booked the lead in a short film. Yippee!

  1. That is fabulous. Sounds like you’ll have a ball doing it too. I’m very excited for you. Love the quote as well… Just left your nephew and he was trying to talk to me. Had a nice lunch with him and his parents.

    Love, Mom

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