I have never wanted to be one of those people that complains about the way things are but then never actually does anything about it, so in order to be in integrity with myself I must speak up and tell everyone I know that there is a candidate out there for President you likely don’t know about and his name is Buddy Roemer. www.buddyroemer.com

The reason I feel like I need to tell you this, is not because I want to tell you how to vote, that would be crazy disrespectful, its simply that I want to make sure you have seen all the choices before you officially decide on your vote and I know that Buddy is one of those choices you likely won’t know about unless people like me speak up.

The reason you haven’t heard about him is not because he isn’t a viable candidate, he’s actually a Harvard grad, been both a Congressman and a Senator, is happily married, actually reads the budgets and the bills himself and for the last 20 years has been a successful business owner. No, the reason you haven’t heard of him is because he has taken on the biggest challenge any candidate has ever tried to take on, the challenge of trying to win a Presidential election without taking a single cent of special interest money.

He knows the consequences of that choice but feels strongly that the financial bond that ties the Government to special interest is killing us and that the only way he could be a good President to the American people is to win without accepting special interest money so to him there is no choice but proceed this way. Talk about a true David and Goliath story. This is it. In order for him to even get a seat at the debates as an Independent candidate he is going to need to rely on individual Americans to fight for him and get him there so the question is: will we?

I have done some research on this man and the more I learn the more I like. He is saying things I have never and I mean ever heard a politician say before in my lifetime, so for me, I really want to see what he does at those debates. I would gladly pay the maximum $100 he will accept in order to secure him that seat.

Again, I will never ever ask anyone to vote anything but their own conscience, but I will ask, plead with you even to please for now, take some time to see who he is and see if you find yourself wanting to exercise your right to support this man in at least getting into the debates this year. Together, especially thanks to social media, we really can make that happen if we want to. Look at the way that Kony video spread. If nothing else Buddy Roemer would spark an important conversation that I believe this country desperately needs to have and that is well worth the cost of a night out which is the most you could spend throwing him a little support.

So here he is. Check him out. And please forgive me in advance if you notice me reposting this frequently. I do it not to annoy people with my propaganda, but just to make right with myself that I am doing my part to make sure as many people are aware of all of their choices as possible. I suspect there are a lot of people that are gonna like him as much as I do.


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