Just kidding. This post has absolutely nothing to do with Kelly Clarkson. I just wanted to see how many of you would look just because I textually shouted out Kelly Clarkson. 🙂 (Yes I am aware of the possibility that “textually” might not actually be a word but it should be these days). Anyway, if you want to know what this post is actually about you must click it. I have entitled it “Proof That I’m Crazy”



Also for any of you who have used You Tube before have you noticed they seem to give you the worst choices they can find for a screen shot that will act as your screen saver for the video. Look at me on the screen! Seriously? What am I doing? I look like a character from the Peanuts gang.


One thought on “Kelly Clarkson!!!

  1. Take care of your self let me know when you are here in Florida love you

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