For years I have said that if we keep focusing on the negetive all we are going to create is more of the negetive, if we keep fighting about what’s not working all we are going to create is more knee jerk solutions and hard feelings amongst one another. I have lamented wondering why it is that what we consider news could really just be titled “The Bad News” and I have wished that there was a source out there for News That Moves, meaning news that actually inspires us, shows us what is working, gives us ideas for action to make our world better, and exposes heroes we could look up to. I have been waiting for someone to bring me that news, because what I am getting right now is really depressing me.

But today it hit me, I have to Be That Change I Want to See In the World. I can’t just sit around waiting for it to happen. I have to seek it out. The good news is out there. People are doing amazing things everyday. I am sure of it. So instead of wasting another moment of my life worrying about all the things going wrong, I am going to dedicate it to looking for and exposing what is going right. I will actively look for News That Moves and post it right here on my blog.

So for those of you that were enjoying my wacky artist journey, please know that I will still be posting the ups and downs of all of that (and I do have some fun stuff to report soon) but for those of you sharing the same frustrations I just expressed I will also be sending a weekly News That Moves post as well, starting with this one compliments of the TED Talks which is all about an idea for a new type of school called a Studio School and the success they are experiencing with it in England. Who knows maybe it will inspire someone to jump on the band wagon here.

Check it out!

A short intro to the Studio School: Geoff Mulgan on

2 thoughts on “News That Moves: Check out Studio Schools

  1. Wow…the collective unconscious is at work. I have been thinking the same thing…so much so that I was thinking about setting up a youtube channel and the whole thing. Of course, for me, it is a fantasy… I have other things I want to do more. BUT– I think you should have the youtube channel and make that a broadcast….. and if you don’t and only blog about it, well then I will read it too. I always appreciate how you think–and how you see the world. Keep going girl, we are listening.

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback Anna. I am so happy to know I am making a difference because sometimes I feel like I’m in a vacuum with all my ramblings on. Ha! I shall keep on sharing.

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