Buddy Roemer that is. He is now my pick for President.

I always find it funny that just when I am ready to give up on something like I was ready to do yesterday with my whole rant on the state of affairs in this country and my frustration over not being able to find a leader who I felt really had the best interests of ALL the American people at heart or who even understood what ALL the American people even means, along comes Buddy.

I was clicking through my usual internet news sources and saw a little link kinda buried about a Republican candidate that was dropping out (didnt mention names) so I clicked on it and there was Buddy. It said that he hadnt been allowed into a single Republican debate and therefore he was dropping out in order to run as an Independent.

So I started to do a little digging, and the more I dug the less surprised I was that he wasnt included in the debates but the more and more I liked him. His biggest commitment is to help the people take America back and he feels the only way to do that is to end special interest monetary influence for good starting with his own campaign where he will not accept more than $100 from any one source so when he wins the election he will be “Free to Lead.” He said he wants to listen to the American people and to be our voice, that this is not about him, it’s about our country.

You can do your own research on him and I will keep doing mine but if he is what he seems then, to me, he might be the first real chance we have had in a long time to take our government back and I am hoping we take it. He has a ridiculous mountain to climb, I’m sure everyone will say what he is trying to do can’t be done, those against him are too powerful, and given everything we have witnessed in the past that certainly seems like the logical belief to have but apparently he won this way before in his home state of Louisianna and was able to clean up alot of corruption there.

I keep remembering a story I was told years ago about, I believe it was Abraham Lincoln. And that he was actually a 3rd part candidate (Republicans were a new party) at the time and nobody thought he could win either, certainly not the establishment, but that it turned out he was the right man for his time in history. People were fed up and he spoke to what they wanted for America more than any other, an average guy beholden to no one, and so he did what was impossible. I feel like we are at one of those times in history where people are fed up with business as usual. That fact, mixed with the power of social media, why can’t we make this happen? Why can’t we leave the 2 parties (and corporations who own them) scratching their heads wondering how this happened. I would pay to see that game unfold. I’m giving my $100.

Here’s the speech he made today about switching to Independent. Check him out and see what you think. Consider it a rebellious act since apparently they dont want you to see him! 🙂

P.S. Thanks Buddy! You made me smile again.

Buddy Roemer Independent Candidate for President

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