Today I will remember your courage, your wisdom, your compassion and your love.

You loved all of us, even the ones who didn’t deserve it and you dreamed of a world that was peaceful for all of us, even the ones who hurt you. You understood, even before anyone else did, that a one sided win was not a win at all. It’s just a temporary trade of power. And not only did you display the unbelievable courage to literally put your own life on the line to stand up for what is right, you were determined to stand up for what is right in your way, the non-violent way. You couldn’t have possibly chosen a harder path for yourself. To this day I am in still in awe of how you got a group of people who had every right to be enraged to somehow settle down, control their anger and commit to standing up peacefully for what they deserved. You helped them find their own power and strength. That is a kind of power witnessed rarely in this world. But you saw the bigger picture. You knew your way is the only way that truth can come to light and therefore the only way that could ever inspire true and lasting results.

Our world may not be perfect but it is soooo much better for you having been in it. Just wanted to say to you wherever you are that I see you, I understand what you did and I am forever grateful!

And to all my friends, if you’ve never read Letter From A Birmingham Jail, I invite you to do so today. It’s a letter he wrote from Jail to his fellow preachers, some of which had told him to stand down and keep quiet, now is not the time. His response to why he won’t was absolutely genius and such an amazing reflection of the man he was.

2 thoughts on “MLK Jr. you are and always will be my hero!

  1. Well written – your words; my sentiments also. : )
    LOVE & HUGS!

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