For those of you that don’t know, I am very excited to report that I was accepted into the Second City Conservatory! Yay!!! This means I get to continue to follow in the footsteps of my comedy heroes and that now my studies will kick up a notch as the conservatory is designed to mold us lucky students into writers and performers of Second City stage worthy shows. I start to tomorrow and am totally geeked out about it. I’ve¬†bought my little notebook, and am so excited to fill it with future sketch ideas and original characters.

Thinking about my studies for the year has gotten me excited about making some overall career goals for the year as well, and since I have a blog I thought, why not put them right here? Then we can all see if they come true. I’ve got some really big ones this year so if they all do come true we are in for a wild ride but I feel ready and I think they are doable so here goes:

1) Create 4 sketch worthy comedic characters that I can pull out of my bag of tricks at a moments notice.

2) Find the perfect Manager for me and sign with him or her.

3) Sell 2 of my completed scripts.

4) Complete my new sitcom script (Angel and D’Moan).

5) Complete my new feature script (You Fly Right Over It).

6) Book at least one significant role that is truly perfect for me.

So there they are. They are big, but I am excited for the challenge. I’ve got all you supporting me so what could go wrong? Ha!! I challenge you all to not let me back out of them.

Anybody else want to share their goals with me and I can help you stick to them? (John? Tim? hint hint)

Let’s make this year a great story worth telling.


4 thoughts on “Second City Conservatory Here I Come!

  1. Great News! Congrats! & I’ll share:

    1. I am going to sign with a Voiceover Agent and a Theatrical Agent
    2. I am going to book two National Commercials
    3. I am going to book three televisions Co-Stars

    You know I’m with you! Let’s ‘git it on’! dd

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