Okay am I the only one that struggles with what on earth to give everyone for Christmas? It seems like the more years I am on this planet, the tougher and tougher it gets and I realize I am starting to sound a little cynical and scroogie because I find myself saying things like “only kids should get the gifts” or “it’s all gotten so commercial” or “let’s all just agree not to buy any presents for each other,” (something that never works btw so don’t fall for it) but really those are just defense mechanisms to hide the fact that I am utterly and hopelessly clueless on what to give people and bogged down by the idea of spending gobs of money I don’t actually have all in one swoop.

Do I just go ahead and go along with the ole stuff shuffle? Here I’ll give you some stuff and then you’ll give me some stuff and then we’ll each pretend we love it, put it in a drawer and give it to someone else next year?

Unfortunately I can’t do that. I tend to be more of a sentimental sort and want to give everyone gifts that mean something but good lord that only adds to this giver’s block problem. And then to make it worse I tend to keep myself so busy all year that I don’t even think about Christmas until Thanksgiving and then I wouldn’t call that a thought so as much as an “oh shit! I’m gonna have to figure out this whole Christmas thing again, like… soon.”

Then I spend another week or so stressed out about the idea that I need to get to it but not actually doing anything about it, all while judging myself harshly against the beautiful examples of all those happy, generous shoppers who seems to know exactly what they are doing and know their way around a sale.

Inevitably I quit judging myself and finally do get down to the nuts and bolts of making a list of my peeps that I know I need to give presents to (a list by the way that just happens to casually be only some of the most important people in my entire life) and I group these important folks into those I definitely need to get something for and those that I can happily cross off due to having long since come to the mutual agreement of  “You good? Yeah. Okay Cool. Me too.” And for a moment I actually like those people better. Ha! What is wrong with this picture? This is what Christmas has driven me too. I am officially one of those old folks I used to not like who always said stupid things like “I like Thanksgiving better.” I now adore Thanksgiving for all the reasons I used to hate, the non-stop talking, eating and no presents.

So then what is next is the overwhelming task of coming up with something I can give to each of these amazing people. Something that perfectly sums up my deep and abiding love for them all for $20 or less. Does a snuggie say I love you? Or does it say, I noticed there was an empty spot in your closet that needs filling? Do my parents really need another coffee maker, or really anything for that matter?  And how many more photos can I give people? I’ve done that one for years already and not only are my loved ones starting to run out of wall space but I am starting to feel very narcissistic.

So what to do, I don’t know. Gonna have to get clever yet again in 10 days or less. Anyone have any brilliant, non-narcissistic ideas that brilliantly express my love without putting me in the poor house? Let me have it. The clock is ticking. Ho Ho Ho.

On a serious note…Happy Holidays everybody. Hope everyone gets to spend some great down time with the ones they love.


5 thoughts on “Help! I’ve Got Gift Giver’s Block

  1. Hey, you are not alone….. There is always food or drink for those people who already have everything they need. Doesn’t have to be a big deal, just something they like to consume. Or some cute Christmas decoration. You can always find space for a small additional Christmas decoration, which some of us are more into than others. And then there’s pictures of your lovely daughter of which you have thousands and we have just a couple…. Or better yet, a family portrait because everyone changes year after year and those are always good for the parents, grandparents, etc. I believe the last picture of the 3 of you goes back a couple years. Dress up in cute or funny Christmas stuff and get Diego to set the timer…. Maybe put it in a nice inexpensive Christmas frame…. It’s really the thought and the gift wrapping…. Go for pretty gift wrap. Good luck

  2. Loved this….it’s my sentiments exactly…I’m so happy there is someone out there in this great big beautiful world that feels as I do. I was beginning to feel a bit guilty and bah humbugish..now I know I’m normal..THanks for the best gift ever Holly!!!!

    p.s. Love reading your blogs….keep em coming AND

    Your friend, through the loss of our dear friend and yoga guru, Chris Peck, (Who I still miss tremendously!!!!)

    Sue H.

  3. Yeah….I vote for a picture of the three of you! Whether it’s a Christmas photo or not…..we’re not picky. We just don’t have enough photos of the three of you or at least a current one. Other than that a bottle of libations is always a great gift and one that never get passed on.


  4. Oh…..and if you’re taking Christmas orders we both would love a wallet size photo of the 3 of you. Being ‘Grandparents’ you never know when we’re going to need to whip out a photo of you guys!! 🙂


  5. It truly is the Thought that Counts when it comes to gift-giving (in my opinion)…my peeps are used to my thrifty-yet-thoughtful gifts, so gift giving is fun for me. This year I’ve incorporated Made In America – if I can’t find the American-made gift, I’m making the gift myself…things that are close to my heart…eco-friendly products, healthy sweets, personal photo books, natural body scrubs, etc. You can make donations to your (or your recipient’s) favorite charity/cause….or – since you’re in the Biz – you can make Personal recordings/messages; perhaps on those recordable frames. The bottom line is LOVE…everybody can use it…and it’s the One Gift that you love to have Returned and Regifted! : ) On that note: I’m sending you L-O-V-E and HUGS and wishes for your BEST Christmas/New Year Ever!

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