So hands down my most favorite acting experience to date happened Friday on the set of Modern Family. I can’t reveal any of the story line but what I can tell you is that something happens in the scene and it was our job to react to that something with laughter, the kind that starts slow and eventually errupts into full on belly laughs.

Yes, we actually got to practice this for quite some time and I dont care who you are, practicing laughing with a room full of people automatically makes you happy, so I was already on cloud 9. But what made it so much more fun was that I was seated directly across from the entire cast of Modern Family (and I mean all of them) and each time they asked us to laugh I would get to connect directly with them and share a mutual giggle, my most favorite way to connect. And in fact, Cam actually ad libbed a line and delivered it right to me.

Oh my god, that was so much fun and a bit surreal, like being inside the tv set. This was one of those days where when the day was done I thanked myself for allowing me to pursue these crazy dreams. Opportunities like these make all the challenges and the scary risks feel so worth it.

Oh I also had my first Improv show ever last week on the Second City stage with my Improv 3 class and we killed it. Yay class!!

And this coming Thursday I audition for the Second City conservatory. Wish me luck everybody.

Happy Monday!

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