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So Diego and I have a new friend Tim Fagan that I want to introduce everybody to because, well, its just so great when you meet someone who is so ridiculously talented and smart, that is also such a hardworking, humble and nice person that it just kinda makes you want to brag about that person on their behalf so that is what I am doing.

Some of you may already be familiar with his work without realizing it because he spent two years touring the world as music director and lead guitarist for Colbie Caillat and has written several songs with her including the 2010 Grammy Winning song “Lucky” that she performed as a duet with Jason Mraz. And has also collaborated with John Mayer on a song called “Deeper”

We met Tim at an exciting time in his career as he has made the transition to center stage singing his own songs and has a new self-titled album out (which if you’re curious you can check out on iTunes). He and Diego met because Tim came up with a really fun idea to have a web show called Get Together with Tim Fagan & Friends where viewers get to peek in on Tim and his band both behind the scenes in rehearsal and on stage for weekly performances at Room 5 (which is this truly groovy little place for live music here in LA). Naturally Diego is the man behind the lens where he is oh-so-happy.

They have only just begun this journey but you can check out a little sampling of some of the stuff they have already shot by watching the video I embedded above. I thought it would be fun to share this with you now so that when he is a huge star you all can say, “oh yeah, I have been following him for years.” Ha!

Although, did I mention that Tim just happens to have an equally talented and lovely wife too who, as luck would have it, I just happen to have everything in common with, including Second City, and we have decided to start doing some sketch comedy together? Hmmm, maybe we will be the ones to reach huge star status first. A friendly little competition of guys against the girls. Ha!

Either way I suspect you’re going to be hearing a lot about Tim and his wife Yvonne. I just know you’re going to love them.

Have a happy Tuesday!


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