What a crazy couple weeks. Been working with my amazing new Acting Coach Marshall McCabe  and he has helped me bust through blocks both personally and professionally that have plagued me for years as if they were nothing. Bam! And we’ve only just gotten started. Thank you Marshall. You are my hero. I can’t wait to see where this all goes!

Then I was off to Florida to see all of my folks and all I can say is I am the luckiest daughter of 5 parents in the world. I would list you all individually but then that would force me to write it in some particular order which then might imply an order of importance and there is no way on earth to do that. Each of you have been so wonderfully influential in my life, given me so much of what is uniquely you, so much love and support there is no way to ever repay you so I just say thank you, I love you, I am so grateful I get to call you my parents.

Now I am back from Florida and it has been non-stop. Worked on 2 independent films this week, met with my friend Valerie about shooting a dramatic scene for our reels, made a plan with a new friend and fellow Second City student to write and film some sketches, worked on sitcom acting technique with my coach using “Karen” from Will & Grace as inspiration (so much friggin fun), and began prepping for my first ever Improv show at Second City which will be this Sunday. Oh and I have auditions to get in to the Second City Conservatory coming up in 2 weeks. Wish me luck on that.

And I have been meaning to get a blog out to introduce you to a new friend of mine who happens to be a grammy winning song-writer. He has asked Diego to film him on Wednesday nights for a show he is creating that follows him as he makes the transition from song writer to performing his own stuff. More on that coming soon. I would love for you to follow him too. Amazing guy.

That’s all for now. Happy Friday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Holy Snikey’s I’m Too Busy To Blog

  1. Sounds like things are finally starting to click…. I like that. Love you back, Mom

  2. wow, you are busy Holly. let me know about your plans for the 18th on. sounds like things are coming together. wayne

  3. Love it that you found an amazing acting coach!

    You are the ‘light of our lives’ and we cherish the time we spend with you.

    Sending LOADS of LOVE & BIG HUGS….
    Poppy & Nana

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