I really don’t want to hear what’s going wrong in the world anymore. I don’t want to be ignorant either but I am really starting to question whether knowing every little horrible thing that is happening in the world is helping us or hurting us. I know that the logic is that we have to know about things in order to fix them, but we have known about all kinds of nasty stuff for quite some time now and is anything getting better? Or are we just getting more and more cynical, frustrated and distrustful of one another?
I don’t want to hear about anymore greedy corporate criminals and how they robbed the people of their well-being and their retirements, I want to hear about amazing companies that keep their employees happy and healthy, give back to their communities and are still able to profit wildly from their efforts. I want to know who those companies are, and then I want to buy everything they make and toast to their CEO’s success. He/She is my hero and they can fly around on as many private jets as they want to. Enjoy! Job well done.

I don’t want to weed through the facts and lies coming from a bunch of self-nominated politicians whose main focus in life is to figure out how to get my vote. I want the news to expose somebody who has been caught in the act of living an extraordinary life, somebody who has been highly successful and respected as a leader in his community, someone nominated by the peers around him and then I want to beg that person to run for office.

I don’t want to hear about who is to blame for all our healthcare woes. I want to hear about cultures that are predominantly healthy and learn from them how to stay well. I want to hear about healthcare/insurance systems that do work and study and refine them for ourselves.
I don’t want to hear about another parent that did some horrific thing to their child. No offense, but it is bad enough that their own families have to suffer the knowing of this. I want to hear about extraordinary parents who have raised wonderful, well-adjusted happy kids and I want to find out what they did so maybe I could do it too.
Our philosophy on what news is has made celebrities out of our criminals while allowing our potential role models and heroes to remain anonymous. I know there are amazing people out there doing amazing things every day. I want to hear about what they are up to and then jump on the band wagon. I think that could really make such a big difference.

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